29 in-demand jobs in Canada

Canadian policies favor 29 in-demand jobs By Wilson Bailon source: Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 10:01:00 07/11/2010 Filed Under: Overseas Employment, Americas – Canada —————– VANCOUVER, Canada—There are about half a million Filipino immigrants in Canada, most of them living in the big cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, and Montreal. In 2008, the Philippines… Continue reading 29 in-demand jobs in Canada

Motivate without spending millions

Assuming you yourself is motivated already and you hold a lead/management position, below are rewards/recognition tips. Don’t wait for evaluation/appraisal time to make your performance feedback known. Real-time recognition/feedback is better because it gives prompt corrective action where it’s needed or acknowledges deserving work. Remember how you feel about belated birthday greetings/gifts? That’s similar to… Continue reading Motivate without spending millions