Motivate without spending millions

Assuming you yourself is motivated already and you hold a lead/management position, below are rewards/recognition tips. Don’t wait for evaluation/appraisal time to make your performance feedback known. Real-time recognition/feedback is better because it gives prompt corrective action where it’s needed or acknowledges deserving work. Remember how you feel about belated birthday greetings/gifts? That’s similar to… Continue reading Motivate without spending millions

Motivate yourself first!

Motivating teams starts with motivating yourself. It’s amazing how, if you are very stressed out, it seems like everyone else is, too. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you’re passionate about your job, it’s much easier for others to be, too. Understanding your own motivations is a great place to start learning about motivation. The key to… Continue reading Motivate yourself first!

speak up, but speak right

We had a company meeting few days ago and I can’t help noting these down: For lack of other terms to use add additional use of reusable components enable to be able nominating nominees Idiom mis-expressions another new in the initiative              missing subject/object, should be:              Another new portion of the initiative  turn the floor… Continue reading speak up, but speak right