life and all that blah

Life begins when you’re 40
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Tangina. Seriously? Nope. Let me stop you there. Life does not begin at a certain age or beyond a zone.
Biologically it begins cellular level, zygote stage (ok, debatable). Personally, life began the moment I had conscious thought of my existence. So yeah, those times when all I did was just suck milk, sleep, pee, poop, dream of more milk, cry, repeat. That’s life already.

Life does not begin when you’re old. Oops! Didn’t mean to call 40s old. Stop romanticizing life and call it life only when things get easy and fun and it is convenient. Life is all of it, the missed chances, the chances taken but turned out to be regrettable, the struggle of earning hard for a buck and still falling short, the ugly, unpopular you in high school years (let’s not call it awkward phase please, admit it, we felt butt ugly then, at least I did), the crying your eyes and heart out pain, failed expectations, didn’t work out relationships, failure in general, heart and gut wrenching losses, including all the stuff you’d like to forget plus those you’ve actually forgotten because you were mindless drunk. Yep, all life, all you, all inclusive.

Stop invalidating what happened to you and not call them “life” just because they weren’t what you planned for for yourself. Life already began, a long time ago for all of us.

Stop boxing life and segmenting your world like unhappy times, label non or pre-life, stuff happening the way I want, definitely “life begins” tag.

Don’t hold off your so-called life and delay it for some undetermined, future tense. When I turn 40, will live life the way I want. Stop that non-sense.

Flashback and try to recall those sh*tty times. Let those unbelievable, bitter, ugh times sink in a bit. Fast forward to now and just pause to pinch your cheeks hard. Did you feel that? Yep, congratulations! You are still alive and you made it through those you’d-rather-not-call-life times. 🙂 *group hug* That was part of your still ongoing life.

Let us not bad mouth life and describe it as good only or delimit to a certain phase. Life is what it is. It is not meant to be that one steady, static state.

So live! Live NOW! Life is happening as you read this and as I type this. This is your life now, you are living it. Embrace your life and all the mess, dirt, disappointments, ridiculous, stupid stuff that got mixed with the happy, fun, proud, went-as- planned, damn-I-did-great-times. Accept yourself, give your entire ongoing life a big tight welcome hug and thank yourself for living a life this far (regardless of what age or state you are now) and be comforted that it is up to you how ever you want to make of it as early as this minute. =)

Life does not begin when you’re 40 or when you’re rich or when you get a love life or a raise or a better job or whatever the shiz is. Life has began and is happening now. Live.

p.s. the fact that am turning a year older soon has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with this blah

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