Reinvent towards Redemption

Watching the impeachment trial impressed upon me something. It is never too late to reinvent or redeem oneself.

Take the case of Congressman Rudy Farinas who’s reputation has been marred with the suicide of his wife and rumor of wife abuse. Until his clear and effective closing argument for the prosecution, he was a wife beater to many. Now he’s hailed by many as a smart, effective lawyer and communicator. For the first time after he delivered his closing argument, the issues against the Chief Justice made sense. Point by point, the issue became clear, beyond law gibberish. People, including myself finally understood, like the black veil of technicalities lifted and bared the trial to its basic issues. His use of the Filipino language helped a lot in supporting his arguments, plus the aid of visualization drove home the point. He became an overnight sensation. And I think actually sealed the conviction.

Another big surprise in the trial was the almost never heard Senator Lito Laid, whose often ridiculed for being, pardon the word, dumb. He capitalized on humility and sincerity. He dared admit what is obvious and has been the common punch line about him. That he is not college-educated, not a lawyer, doesn’t understand law and what’s mostly been discussed in the trial. He didn’t aim to impress the elitist and instead made ally the majority of the Filipino people who’s not very educated nor English-conversant. He represented the poor and their sentiment. Empathy is powerful tool. He tried to harmonize his verdict of guilty by not adding insult to injury and mummed, “pasensya na po”. By true to himself he has earned the respect of many who used to make him their regular joke. Even Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, admired him after that speech. It was such in contrast with the prior speeches done in English and laced with early campaign. Lapid’s was simple, honest and heartfelt.

The two trended in twitterverse. Dark past trampled by the present triumph. They showed that we can always do better by either redeeming past fault or reinventing ourselves thru a new or different strength.

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