An efficiency makeover

Something to try. 🙂


Reclaim your day using tricks from career coach Domonique Bertolucci:

Tonight, 6pm: Prioritise. Look at your diary and to-do list for tomorrow, select the three most important things, then set aside the first half of the day to cross them off.

Time saved: 1 hour of procrastination

8am: Read work emails on your phone during your train/bus commute. Action relevant ones as soon as you arrive.

Time saved: 30 minutes

9am: Set out-of-office reply: “‘’m often away from my desk, so if it’s urgent, please call my mobile. Otherwise, I check my email regularly and will get back to you shortly.” Check emails at two-hour intervals.

Time saved: 2 hours of email tag

10.30am: Chat with a favourite work colleague during the five-minute walk to get coffees.

Time saved: 30 minutes of gossip

1pm: Go outside, even if it is just to grab a sandwich. You’ll be less efficient later on without a break.

Time saved: 1 hour of surfing the internet

6pm: Check personal emails or make personal calls on the phone on your way home, not at home.

Time saved: 30 minutes

6.30pm: Avoid the “second shift”. Check if outsourcing household chores costs less than 50 per cent of your hourly pay. If yes, get in a cleaner, order groceries online, or drop shirts off at the laundry.

Time saved: 2 hours


7.5 hours saved


source here

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