9 Tips for Getting a Promotion

Promotion is advancement in rank or position, commonly phrased climbing the ladder. Ofcourse, better compensation package/benefits go with it.  We all work hard to achieve promotion one way or the other, don’t we? 🙂

So how can one be promoted? Promotion is a process, meaning it doesn’t happen overnight. Below are tips from hotjobs.yahoo.com you can use as guide. Personally, tips #2, 3, 6 are tops.

But remember that getting promoted means you can slack off. What happens after the promotion is an altogether different ball game. Read on…

1. Have a plan. “The people who get the best jobs have been planning their strategy for one year or more,” says Jay Jessup, the author of the personal-branding book “Fame 101.” He cites Oprah Winfrey as a perfect example: “She planned her success every step of the way, and is still thinking ahead five years,” he says.

2. Ask for what you want. “If you want a promotion, you need to clearly ask for it. If you don’t ask, you won’t get it,” says Laura Browne, the author of “Why Can’t You Communicate Like Me? How Smart Women Get Results at Work.” “No one is just going to hand you a promotion.”

3. Develop yourself into your next role. Long before you even ask for a promotion, observe the kind of job you want, figure out what it takes to do the job well, and work toward that, advises Sandra Naiman, the author of “The High Achiever’s Secret Codebook: The Unwritten Rules for Success at Work.” “When appropriate, take on the tasks of the job you’re aiming for. But be careful not to step on any professional toes,” she says.

4. Bring out your inner Tigger. “The woods are full of Eeyores,” says Dan Bowling, former senior vice president of human resources at Coca-Cola Enterprises. “Bosses don’t want these negative types. They want Tiggers–the energetic, can-do people who tackle the problem with a smile. Those are the ones who get ahead.”

5. Show your face. Telecommuting is not a good idea when you’re hoping for a promotion. Neither is communicating mostly by email with bosses and coworkers. “It’s all about ‘face time,'” says John McKee, CEO of BusinessSuccessCoach.net. “Communicating in person whenever possible is imperative for success seekers.”

6. Remember the bottom line. “In any organization, the people who make the money are the ones who stay employed,” says career coach Joan Schramm. “Document your efforts toward this goal and your rate of success, and make sure your boss is aware of them.”

7. Replace yourself. “Being ‘irreplaceable’ can hold you back,” says HR professional Jodi R. R. Smith, who teaches a seminar called Promote Yourself. “There are times when managers do not promote great employees due to the time, hassle, and stress of having to train a replacement. If you can, train a potential replacement so this won’t be an issue.”

8. Dress the part.Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” advises image consultant Heather Alan, of Trel Style Consulting. “And remember that dark colors are perceived as more authoritative. Even those looking for promotions in the creative field should strive to wear deeper colors.”

9. Make your boss look good. “Find out what your boss’s boss expects of him, and do what you can to help your boss shine,” advises David Wright, the author of “Get a Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves.” “If you help your boss look good to his boss, you look good to your boss.”

Full article here: http://hotjobs.yahoo.com

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