Motivate yourself first!

Motivating teams starts with motivating yourself. It’s amazing how, if you are very stressed out, it seems like everyone else is, too. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you’re passionate about your job, it’s much easier for others to be, too.

Understanding your own motivations is a great place to start learning about motivation. The key to motivating your employees is to understand what motivates them. Consider time with family, recognition, a job well done, learning, etc. So what motivates you?


Got the above tip from the office. Very helpful reminder about leadership. As leaders we can easily channel what we feel or see to our teams. We would need to step back a little and analyze our words when discussing with teams specially to the less senor ones whose business/enterprise maturity is not yet that high.

If we can filter the message such that we communicate only the facts and avoid being doomsayers which may confuse or stress the team unnecessarily.

Example situation: Client is rushing their enhancement request in time for their sale promo next month and is pressuring the company to get the request out the door.

Not a good leader approach will be like this:

Guys, client wants us to rush this project to meet their next month target. We need to make this happen.


A good leader approach should be like this:

We have a project which will contain enhancement for Client A. Project’s schedule constraint is to release the project by next month. I gathered the team to get your inputs on how you think we can deliver given the constraint.

Notice that on the first approach, the message is laden with emotions and obvious panic with the use of “rush” whereas the second message was delivered as a matter-of-fact tied with collaborative approach for problem solving. Doing so, the team owns the problem because the decision/solution comes from the team.

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