speak up, but speak right


We had a company meeting few days ago and I can’t help noting these down:

For lack of other terms to use

  • add additional
  • use of reusable components
  • enable to be able
  • nominating nominees

Idiom mis-expressions

  • another new in the initiative

             missing subject/object, should be:

             Another new portion of the initiative

  •  turn the floor off to X

              okay, unless the floor has a switch, you can say this, otherwise the correct idiom

              expression is “give the floor to”.

              Give the floor to X

  •  taking yourself in quarantine 

              Better to say:

              Quarantine yourself or Self-Quarantine


If you haven’t mastered yet the art of extemporaneous speaking in a foreign tongue, my tip is to have a script ready. Practice never hurts anyone. If the audience are locals like you, it’s okay to speak in the vernacular also. That’s better than speaking incorrect Englih.

I myself can say I’m not yet as good as I want to be and even joined a speech club, Toastmaster club to be a competent toastmaster. Always remember the ever true adage, practice really makes perfect.

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