something more fatal than swine flu is affecting our neighborhood with 3 deaths in 3weeks… old age.

one was 50+, male, one was 60+ male, one was 60+ female. my mom’s having bouts of high blood pressure already. not sure if it was due to the fact that some of her contemporaries are expiring.

as a mom of a 9yr old boy and an aunt to 5 kids, i’d like to live long to see my grandchildren grow up and be with them. i try to take care of my health as much as i can. that is one of the things that will change once you become a parent. when before you just smoke and drink your life away, party and overwork never minding the impact to your health, now you can’t afford to get sick.

getting sick may mean your family getting sick as well, getting ill means not being able to come to work which can impact your livelihood, being unhealthy may mean you can’t play with your kids or be that physically close to them.

if i’m prudent on almost anything, i don’t have any indecision when it comes to spending for my family’s health, hygiene amd school needs. stuff like, healthy food, vaccines, check ups, hand sanitizers, pediatric dental needs, vitamins, books, attending book fairs with the kids and letting them buy all the books they like, etc.

every night i only ask two things to God – good health and safety for myself and my entire family. if i have those two,  i’m already at peace and happy.

Quote in the moment:

Mens sana in corpore sano.
(Your prayer must be for a sound mind in a sound body.)

The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.
–   Steve Karmen

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