how to study/review if you’re working and a mom

I’ve been studying for 3mos now for my PMP certification exam. PMP certification will make me an internationally acknowledged project manager. This can open career opportunities for me that will greatly help my family. Since I have a full time job that oftentimes consume more than 8hrs of my day and I have kids to take care of when I go home, I have little dedicated study time left.

I struggled for several weeks because the review class of 2mos were during lunch. So I stay up till midnight to study. While I was top 2 in my review class, it took a toll on my body due to lack of sleep. I was fortunate because the review class coincided with the kids’ school vacay. After the review class I learned that I can make use of my lunch time to continue w/ my studying. I also try to grab every opportunity to study, like during my train ride, while in line for the fx (local commute ride) and while in transit. This is tough because the review book is big and bulky, encyclopedic in weight and size. ugh. After completing reading the 2 review books, I learned to use cue cards for review. So this made things lighter for me. Ffinally. during lunch, I use our ofc meeting room to study. I write on our whiteboard what I remember from the top of my head and check on the book for correctness. In my last 2 weeks before the exam, I’ll take mock exams.

Obviously, I didn’t have much free time. And I can’t neglect my work and much more my family. So my tip for you is to study on your “free time” – lunch time, while in transit, while waiting for the kids if you’re picking them up, while taking a break from work. We also usually surf the net at night before sleeping. Try to refrain from doing so and just use that “surfing time” to study.  You can do all the surfing again once you’re done with the exam.

Which means, I have to stop this blog post as I need to study now. 🙂 I hope my tips are helpful. I believe being a mom should not prevent us from achieving our dreams and goals. Now more than ever should we be more motivated to be the best we can be, for our family and for our self. 🙂 Happy studying!

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